How do I go about finding a service provider and scheduling an appointment?

View a complete list of our Professionals. Call the individual directly; some service providers offer online booking. You can also call the office at 972-414-9900 and we will assist you in finding someone. All appointments are scheduled through the individual service provider.

What are your hours of operation?

Each service provider sets their own hours ranging from morning to evenings, all days of the week. Please check with your specific service provider to verify their hours. Office hours are Mon-Fri 9:30-5:30, Sat 9-5.

Do you accept walk-ins?

Yes. Walk-ins are accepted, but we do advise to schedule an appointment if you have a specific service provider you would like to see or want a specialized service.

Who do you lease to and how can I get information on leasing a space inside Firewheel Salons?

We have suites suitable for all beauty professionals. If you feel you fit this category, give us a call, we most likely have a suite for you! Please see our Leasing Information and Contact us and we will gladly set up a time to give you a tour and show you any available suites and the prices.

Can I bring my child with me while I get a service?

Check with your service provider. Your child will have to stay in the suite with you while you receive your service. All children must be accompanied by an adult at all times, unattended children are not allowed in the hallways.